Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 rooms later

I just realized I haven't posted in about 8 months. Since my move into the loft downtown really. The artsy hell hole with no windows or internet...or kitchen for the first 3 months. Then my boyfriends place for a month and now here! Los Feliz my own room, living room space out back and a cat!

I've only run into one problem so far.  Although I moved most of my stuff in on March 1 and 2nd, had my bed set up within the week, I haven't been able to sleep here yet.  Or really I just haven't been able to sleep alone yet. I've tried. I've planned on spending the night here by myself, gotten pj's on and brushed my teeth, tried to go sleep, but always around 2 or 3 I'll text him to see if he's still awake (he always is) and head over, which happens to be about 5 blocks away. Barely even 5 blocks. I know this is a problem, its not healthy, right? I vaguely feel like I'm using him for a good night sleep. But I just can't get to sleep if I can't roll over any bury my head in his chest every now and then. 


I might just need to go through a couple sleepless nights, I guess. Or maybe this isn't even a problem and I'm blowing it out of proportion?

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