Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Box

I like raw food, probably a little more than most people but not so much that I could support a full on rawvolution.
Buut, The Box has got me thinking I could.
'Each week, Matt Amsden and RAWvolution create a box of prepared, organic, low-calorie raw foods that includes two savory soups, four gourmet entrées, four side dishes and two delicious desserts.' -
Its a nice description but its the pictures and the names that've got me hoping I get a new job soon so I can afford it!
Thai curry soup, broccolini salad, greek pizza.
Check out the website for pics -

Friday, November 12, 2010

LA Winter

LA winter will never compare to DC winter. By now in DC I all of my winter gear would have half worn through. Here... well, it was still in my closet until last week. But last week it just went completely frigid. Barely 5-10 degrees cooler and I won't come out from under the covers. All I can do is look at coats and from my blanket bundle and wonder how fast they ship.... :)

Its basically a blanket! Wonderful!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cold Comforts

(via bleachblack)

As long as I am prepared for the cold, it is by far my favorite season. Hats, scares gloves, sweaters. There is just one thing missing. While leggings are by far a staple in my wardrobe they cannot hold up to SWEATER PANTS! -Sigh- Only the most incredible thing I've seen in fashion in a while. I once made sweater pants out of a sweater when I was 10. If only I'd known about patents... and my parents hadn't laughed me into changing.