Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This weeks edition of places you probably already knew about

LUSH. I give it 5 stars. And I haven't even been there yet. I'm so excited to go. SO EXCITED. I mean oddly named, over-priced hippie cosmetics, each item with its own back story and handcrafted?? IN LOVE. I'm so there. It just screams my name. Their henna comes in a block which you grate with a cheese grater. They have bars of shampoo and you have the option of looking at only VEGAN products. The ridiculousness is awesomely amazing. And I say that most lovingly. Please understand. Did I mention the love I feel for this place? So much. Anyway, has dailycandy already done a review of this place? Cuz if not, ya know, I love to write :)

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The Cherry Blog said...

aaaw i know the owners of this company - they are the nicest, most imaginative, good people! So i hope you enjoy their products. they are so yummy! xx