Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Worship Worthy loves the factory

Worship Worthy interviews 'I Love Factory'. 'How many styles do you work on that never make it into the collection?
Christopher: We do so many custom pieces and those are never part of the collections. They usually stay at the showroom as inspiration for future custom pieces, or for press or as part of Laurel’s personal collection.

Millinery was big in NYC amongst tenement residents during the late 1800’s, given the current state of the economy do you think we’ll see a resurgence in hand crafted goods?
Christopher: Millinery is something that should be done by hand and made specific. I think right now more than ever people are craving accessories and clothing that is made by hand. They can appreciate the time and effort that goes into making each piece. There is so much clutter out there and if you are going to spend money on something it should be exceptional quality, evoke emotion and be timeless.

We can see your pieces worn by ladies at the historic Kentucky Derby, do events like these inspire specific designs?
Christopher: Not specifically, but that may be since we have never attended one. We do admire a big event like the Kentucky Derby where people have such freedom of costume.

If your work was the lovechild of two people who would they be?
Laurel: I think it would be all those French new–wave movies but if John Waters were directing them instead, and Alice and Wonderland and crew were styling.'

Read the full interview here.

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